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Acoustically transform a key worship and training hub for an indigenous church planting network in the Amazon by raising 20,000 USD.

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$3,798 raised of $20,000



Many of us take for granted the facilities in which we gather weekly for fellowship, worship and teaching. In North America, significant investment is purposefully made to create an acoustical environment that allows us to participate freely without distraction. Unfortunately this is not always possible in other areas of the globe, even though it's every bit as important.

The Mirante church in Altamira, Brazil is a strategic center for an exploding network of indigenous Vineyard churches in the heart of the Amazon. Already numbering 39 churches, there are 36 more presently being planted in remote areas up and down the rivers. 

An amazing woman named Elba Dolan leads the Mirante church. Elba grew up in a poor family along the river. As a young girl she took the courageous step of moving alone to the city to attend school. She secured a job as a house cleaner at the home of Vineyard Canadian missionaries. Not only was she able to complete a college degree there, but she also encountered Jesus - which changed the course of her life. Elba, with her husband Steve, now owns the house she once worked in and is one of the National Coordinators for the Vineyard Churches in Brazil.

The church building in Altamira is a wonderful story in and of itself. It can seat 500 people and has the capacity to host countless training and conference opportunities. However, it's an acoustical nightmare! It is almost impossible to decipher most of what is said on stage and it's even worse during worship.

Mirante is not a wealthy church. Yet it generously gives away what it does have to serve the church planting efforts in the surrounding regions. In summary, solving this acoustical problem is well beyond the Mirante's reach.


Our solution

We have a Canadian acoustical engineer who has volunteered his time and has designed a plan to rescue the building utilizing a variety of solutions (I.E. ceiling acoustical panels, other absorbing banners and panels, etc. along with upgraded sound gear).

We have an experienced Brazilian & Canadian sound engineer, admin and media guy who has volunteered his time to coordinate the various parts of the project. 

Elba's husband Steve will coordinate the acquisition of materials within Brazil and supervise the final assembly of the various panels, etc. 
Members of the Mirante church will provide all labour involved in constructing and attaching the various panels at no cost.

Neither the Dolan’s nor the Mirante church has ever once hinted at getting help to solve this problem. When I (Gary Best) visited them last year, I was moved by what I saw them doing. I was equally upset by the challenges of their facility. As a result, I committed to them that I would start rallying my friends to create a solution.

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When do we hope to complete this project?

The fall is a busy training season for the Amazon region and we would love to have the project completed before that season comes to an end. For that to be possible we need all of our funding completed by the end of September. By all pitching in together we can accomplish the financial goal very quickly!

As soon as we have funds coming in, we can begin buying material and start the work.


How can each of us help?

We can all help make this happen by praying and simply doing what we can.
1. Make a financial donation. No gift is too small.
2. Share with your friends. There is strength in numbers!


What is my reward?

Sad to say we aren’t giving t-shirts. Yet our reward will be much greater: The satisfaction of knowing that we have helped empower a key hub's ability to provide essential support for powerful kingdom expansion already taking place throughout the Amazon!

Thanks for prayerfully considering being a part of this!
— Gary Best
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After years battling sound problems, we at the Mirante church are ecstatic and hopeful that those days are coming to an end. Thank you!!!
— Steve Dolan
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How to donate

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3. Under Ministry Fund Designation, choose “Empower the Mirante”. 

The Team

gary best - project CATALYST

Founding National Team Leader of Vineyard Churches Canada, friend of the Amazon.


Mirante Church missionary sent from Columbus Vineyard Church.

michael bulletT - ACOUSTICal counsultant

Senior pastor at Transform International church in Abbotsford BC, Canada. 

andre antonio - coordinator, video, GRAPHICS & WEB

Brazilian, British & Canadian music producer, sound engineer, admin and media guy.